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A new blog series by WorkAble participant, Jessica


Asperger’s is my superpower – this is my favourite statement; I feel like it’s my very own catchphrase, my one thing- I have lots of things, but this is a good one. My name is Jessica, I’m 20 years old, and I most definitely have Asperger’s Syndrome.
High-functioning at that, but I’m as aspie as they come.

As a young person who has spent much of her teenage years jumping between study subjects (never being able to decide where I fit), work placements, and jobs- it’s not been easy.. And I’m not sure it ever will be that easy, but that’s okay. The thing about having a ‘hidden’ disability, is that barely anyone ever thinks I have one- I’m just Jess, the strange girl- but inside it’s a constant, neverending internal battle. Whether its social interaction and relationships, the sensory environment (sounds, textures, smells, the wind blowing my hair making me wish I was bald!!), or the weird unreasonable itching (anybody else with me here?), or even feeling like everything around you is just too darn overwhelming.

It’s a rollercoaster. But we still have to have normal lives, don’t we? We still have to get up every day, socialise, work, have hobbies, build relationships, exercise, and travel, don’t we? Well, that’s why I’m writing this- centred around work mostly- to share my experiences about how I cope with these everyday struggles, about how I manage employment and the social interaction around it, in the hopes that I can help others in the same boat! Mind I definitely don’t have it completely together, even in the last year or so I’ve had some real aspie meltdowns while serving a customer with an accent I don’t completely understand… But it’s a journey for everyone! Plus I love writing about stuff 💛

So firstly, I have put together a few of my very own tips and ideas that have helped me and will hopefully help you to manage and overcome the difficulties that we experience in a work environment. I made a humongous mind map (as that’s my
favourite way to start anything ), but I’ve tried to make it a little more, presentable.


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